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Toyota Land Cruiser

One of the longest-produced, most widely distributed vehicles in all ofautomotive history is also one of its most rugged: the Toyota Land Cruiser. With 60 years of continuous production, 14 different model lines and thousands of variations of the Jeep-like sports utility vehicle, theLand Cruiser became a success worldwide and developed a cult following among enthusiasts here in the US.We’ll be the first to admit that tracing the vehicle’s lineage from its humble beginnings as a prototype for Japan’s National Police Reserve in 1951 to what it is today isn’t an easy task, especially when one considers that the types of Land Cruisers produced traditionally have varied from market to market. For example, the Land Cruiser sold in the US is very different from the US-only 40 series Land Cruiser-inspired FJ Cruiser, which is itself different from the Land Cruiser Prado sold in other world markets.

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