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2005 Victory Hammer

Here’s one that’s about as subtle as an uppercut to the chin. Introducing the all-new Victory Hammer. American brute muscle and radical custom style that will sock your lights out. The first thing to grab your attention will certainly be the super fat rear tire. Measuring an impressive 250 mm, it’s the largest tire ever attached to a production bike. We had to build a new, bigger rear fender for such a massive wheel, so of course we went aggressive. We also went large with the power. Check out the new 100 cubic inch Freedom™ V-Twin that’s only available in the Hammer. It’s fuel-injected and counterbalanced, and needless to say, nasty powerful. There’s a new 6-speed overdrive transmission that lets the engine cruise at lower RPMs. Highway speeds feel and sound better than ever. Sit in the saddle, and the Hammer feels like a cruiser but handles and corners like you wouldn’t believe. There’s an inverted cartridge fork. Powerful front dual disc brakes. Radical new paint. It’s the Victory Hammer.

the Hammer, sure to get attention for its first use of a six-speed transmission on a big cruiser and for its mondo 250mm rear tire. Also notable is the new 100 cubic-inch Freedom 100/6 motor that boasts 22% more torque and 10% more ponies than the 92-ci mill in the other Victorys.

A 3mm overbore results in 1634cc, and its 101mm bore and 102mm stroke makes an almost “square” bore and stroke ratio, something of an anomaly in cruiserdom where strokes are always longer than the bore width. Victory claims 92 ponies and 110 lb-ft of torque from the hogged out motor, an increase of 10% and 22% over the Freedom engine fitted to all other Victorys.

The Hammer’s engine receives a new cam drive, oil pump drive and primary gears for a reduction in the gear whine that proved annoying on our Vegas test bike. Power makes its way through a 6-speed overdrive transmission and is delivered rearward by a rubber belt to the fat, 250mm rear tire. For those who don’t do metric, that equates to 10 inches across. A bobbed rear fender encapsulates the big boot. Speed that could get a rider in trouble is scrubbed off by dual 300mm discs with 4-piston calipers up front, held firmly by a 43mm inverted cartridge fork like the Kingpin’s.

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