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1933 Aston Martin 1,5 Litre

Aston Martin Le Mans Ecurie Bertelli

During the pre-war period, Aston-Martin was very focused on ensuring racing success as the most significant owner of the company pre-war, ‘Bert’ Bertelli, was a both a very successful racing driver and a master at creating a car that excelled at long distance endurance racing. Aston-Martin named this model in honour of success in the Le Mans 24 hour race and these cars were raced in many events with success in period. Notably, a Le Mans competed in the original Mille Miglia, thus ensuring that this model is welcomed in the current event.

This particular car, built in 1933, has a fantastic track record on the modern Mille Miglia with a very creditable 2nd place overall in 2014. This car is well known by us. We have completed a front suspension re-build within the last 2 years. The car has had a total interior re-trim, has full wet weather equipment and is completely ready to take part in serious rallying and will reward the next custodian with great results.

There are a number of subtle upgrades that make this car extremely usable as well as a potent rally car including a modified gearbox allowing very fast gear changes, pedal conversion and all the many touches needed for proper rallying. All modifications can be reversed to put this car back to standard if required.

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