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1957 Mobilgas Rally (Round Australia) Entrant – Toyopet Crown RSD

The car is a Toyopet Crown RSD. The D stands for Deluxe.Incidentally, with the Deluxe you got the radio, the heater, electronic clock, tinted-windows,white-walls, fog lights and “other amenities”. Presumably, tennis courts, shooting range,public toilets, that sort of thing. This car is not the real one, but they’vedone it up just like the car that entered theThis car is actually a replica of the factory-backed Toyopet Crown RSD that was entered the MobilgasRally Round Australia in 1957. This was a hell-of-a tough competition.Starting in Melbourne, it headed west to Adelaide, then through the Nullabor Plain, which I’venever been to, to Perth. Then, up north on to Broome, Derby.Then, up to Darwin, then back down and across to Longreach and Maryborough and Toowoombaand Brisbane. Then, back down south to Sydney, Canberraand then again back to Melbourne. This was a seventeen thousand kilometre race.It began in August 21st, *on* August 21st, and it finished September 8th.As I sad, it covered 17 thousand kilometres in 19 days, so that’s almost 1,000 kilometresper day. That is a damn distance.I actually used to drive from Brisbane to Sydney. That’s a thousand kilometres, andthat took me 13 hours basically without rest. So, they were pushing it really hard for 19days. The car was mechanically pretty sound andelectronics were pretty simple so the car managed to hang together for the durationof the race. Of the 86 cars that were entered, 52 carscompleted the race, and this car was 47th overall.So, it was one of the slowest in the field. Why was that?Well, the engine was not big. It was a 1.5 litre engine, and it producedjust 48 horsepower. And, there were no support crews back then.You had to carry everything you needed. It carried three people. Can I name them?Kunio Kaminomura, Kojiro Kondo and Lindsey Hedley.He was the navigator, and of course he was familiar with the the local conditions beingan Australian. The car carried three people, all parts andsupplies, lots of water of course and everything you’d need to get this black weapon aroundAustralia, So, there you go, guys.What a fascinating car. What else can I tell you about it?The Deluxe model, which this this one is, Japan’s first prestige car.So, on-ya Toyopet! Also, this was the very first Toyota in Australia.So, it was the Japanese consulate in Australia who put the call out to Japan’s car manufacturers,and they said hey, how about we get some cars in this race?And, Toyota answered the call, and they did a fantastic job.They did their country and their company proud.

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