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The 1998 Jeep Wrangler offered enhanced off-roadtechnology and a better axle ratio, with a number of new options like the SmartKey anti-theft device and automatic speed control. In 1999, Jeep offered a hard top or soft top,as well as a few new interior and exterior colors. Jeep redesigned the4.0-liter PowerTech inline six-cylinder engine for the 2000 model year andadded a new five-speed transmission. The company also offered an upgraded audiosystem and added several new colors.

In 2001, the Wrangler was updated again to offer better soft top(four ply), hard top options on different trims, an optional trunk feature, aredesigned gauge cluster, airbag cutoff switches, child seat-tether anchors anda number of other improvements across the board, including and updated ABSsystem and half a dozen new body colors. In 2002, Jeep introduced the X trimlevel, offered roll-up windows and hard doors, and rolled out a new premiumsound system. In 2003, Jeep introduced the popular Rubicon trim andintroduced the 42RLE four-speed automatic transmission. The Wrangler nowoffered disc brakes on all four wheels and a fold-and-tumble rear seat.

The 2004 Wrangler featured anew AM/FM/CD stereo system as a standard feature, as well as a new aluminumdesign for the Sahara trim, and the introduction of the Columbia trim. TheRubicon Unlimited trim was introduced in 2005 and the Sahara trim wasdiscontinued. The car also got a new six-speed manual transmission. In 2006,Jeep introduced the Golden Eagle trim, which featured 30 tires, two-toneseats, decals on the body and heavy-duty off-roading packages. In 2007, Jeepcompletely redesigned the Wrangler, offering a new four-door model and a new V6engine as well as updating many of the safety features. The 2008 Wrangler only saw a few minor changes to the caroverall, like a new Sunrider top offered for the Rubicon and Sahara trims andoptional add-ons like remote start.

In 2009, a few minor upgrades were made,including things like the addition of start assist, sway control and storagearea upgrades. The 2010 Wrangler offered an easy to remove soft top. Thestandard features were upgraded to now include fog lights, towing hooks and aninterior compass. Several minor updates were made to various trim levels, too. In2011, Jeep introduced a brand new interior for the Wrangler, larger windows,powered mirrors, climate control, Bluetoothconnectivity and a number of other features that were now offered standard.

In 2012,Jeep made a V6 engine with 285 horsepower standard, as well as introduced a newfive-speed automatic transmission. All Wranglers were now four-wheel-drivestandard, too. The 2013 Wrangler offered a new tire pressure monitoring system,and made a few minor changes to the interior and exterior trims. A10th-Anniversary Rubicon trim was also introduced for a limited time. The 2014Wrangler featured minor changes to the trim levels.

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