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As we suspected, this was an easy quiz, and all but one of the 17 who responded were on the right track. Most of you got the make, model and year of this truck (the model year of the truck encroached on the calendar years either side, so 1936, ’37 and ’38 might all be considered correct). It’s a Model 2M Mack Jr., created for Mack Trucks, Inc. by the Reo Motor Car Company by rebadging a Reo Speed Delivery pickup.

Jury members Alan Spencer and Stuart Penketh had it pretty well all together, but the next best answer came from Luk Martens: “1937 Mack Jr. Mack, builder of heavy trucks, introduced a ‘light’ truck in late 1936, for the 1937 model year (jr meaing Junior) and it was based on a REO truck. It was even built by REO, but sold by Mack dealers. REO stands for Ransom Eli Olds, founder of Oldsmobile, there’s your link with GM. With prices ranging from $575 for the half-ton to $1205 for the 2,5-ton model (a Ford costed $470) and powered by a Continental 6 cylinder engine, just 4974 were built before it was succeeded in 1938 by the larger model ‘ED’.”

Congratulations, Luk. Please sen your mail address and T-shirt size to office*at*prewarcar.com. The truck was in plain sight for all of Hershey Week, outside the Giant Center in the middle of the giant swap meet. Perhaps some of you saw it then.

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