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Meet Porter. The World’s First Driving Dog.

Porter does his best gangsta pose behind the wheel of a car after being taught to drive

Meet Porter, the world’s first driving dog. We’re all used to seeing cars speeding along the highway with dogs hanging their heads out the window tongues dangling, or making smear marks on the rear windscreen with their noses.

But having a dog actually get behind the wheel and steer a car around corners is a different story.

But that’s exactly what motor-mad mutt Porter did, as part of a scheme run by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in New Zealand to show how intelligent abandoned dogs can be – and just why they should be given a new home.

Porter and two other dogs, called Monty and Ginny, were able to be trained to drive a car using a few simple instructions from staff at the charity, like “gear” and “turn”.

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