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Motorcycle Gangnam Style

We are quite familiar with  YouTube superstar PSY’s video of ‘Gangnam Style’, which holds the record for the most ever viewed video in YouTube’s history. However, most of us would not have watched this Motorcycle Gangnam Style video. We came across it and thought that it was pretty awesome. This ...

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New BMW X5 Coming In 2017, Will Share Underpinnings With X7

Despite being introduced just three years ago, the current X5’s lifespan will allegedly be very short ,as a successor of the X5 is said to be in advanced stages of development. It might not seem logical for the German manufacturer to kill a perfectly good premium SUV equipped with the ...

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Toyota Land Cruiser

One of the longest-produced, most widely distributed vehicles in all ofautomotive history is also one of its most rugged: the Toyota Land Cruiser. With 60 years of continuous production, 14 different model lines and thousands of variations of the Jeep-like sports utility vehicle, theLand Cruiser became a success worldwide and ...

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There are probably few modern Porsche 911s that have held their value better than the 997 generation Carrera GTS, especially when you consider that (unlike its GT3 and GT3 RS siblings) its not a limited edition Neunelfer. Despite being launched over five years ago, depreciation has had little hold on ...

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When Porsche released the Porsche 911 Carrera RS in 1973, they didn’t do so in the hope of creating a road car legend. Instead, it was a means of getting the 911 Carrera RSR homologated for Group 4 racing. In 1973, the 2.8-litre Porsche 911 Carrera RSR would start the ...

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Mercedes-Benz Trucks at “Retro Classics “

In the year that marks “120 years of the truck”, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is showing 14 exhibits From ABS to ABA 3: the historical roots of safety on board commercial vehicles Safety has always been integral to Daimler’s corporate strategy – accident-free driving its vision Developments have found their way into ...

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