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2005 Victory Hammer

Here’s one that’s about as subtle as an uppercut to the chin. Introducing the all-new Victory Hammer. American brute muscle and radical custom style that will sock your lights out. The first thing to grab your attention will certainly be the super fat rear tire. Measuring an impressive 250 mm, ...

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1933 Aston Martin 1,5 Litre

During the pre-war period, Aston-Martin was very focused on ensuring racing success as the most significant owner of the company pre-war, ‘Bert’ Bertelli, was a both a very successful racing driver and a master at creating a car that excelled at long distance endurance racing. Aston-Martin named this model in ...

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1966 Jaguar E-Type SI

Legend has it that when it went on display for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961, none other than Enzo Ferrari remarked that the E-type (known as the “XKE” in the U.S.) was the most beautiful car he’d ever seen. Mr. Ferrari knew a pretty car ...

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1930 Packard 734 Speedster

One of the most rare, exclusive, and sought-after American classics, the Packard 734 Speedster was built in limited numbers during the 1930 model year. Featuring a high-performance chassis and sporting boattail coachwork with dramatic, staggered seating, the Runabout is the most iconic form of this legendary model. This beautiful Speedster ...

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1953 BMW Motorcycles R67/3

An important step forward in the development of BMW’s long-running flat-twin occurred in 1936 with the introduction of the 494cc R5. Prior to that the BMW engine had been recognisably related to the first of its type, the 1923 R32, and like those of its (500cc) predecessors, the R5’s engine ...

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David Beckham’s Triumph Scrambler Adventure Bike

You can see in the picture above, David Beckham on location in the Amazon with one of the Triumph motorcycles he and his group rode through the Amazon for his recent 2015 British BBC television documentary show. The bike was essentially a stripped down stock Triumph 850 Street Scrambler, right ...

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1957 Mobilgas Rally (Round Australia) Entrant – Toyopet Crown RSD

The car is a Toyopet Crown RSD. The D stands for Deluxe.Incidentally, with the Deluxe you got the radio, the heater, electronic clock, tinted-windows,white-walls, fog lights and “other amenities”. Presumably, tennis courts, shooting range,public toilets, that sort of thing. This car is not the real one, but they’vedone it up ...

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