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Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience Concept Truck

On the road to doubling fleet efficiency Our approximately 6,000 trucks in the U.S. log millions of miles every year, delivering products to thousands of locations across the country. So when it comes to sustainability and fleet efficiency, the goal is simple: deliver more while driving fewer miles. This goal ...

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Mercedes-Benz Trucks at “Retro Classics “

In the year that marks “120 years of the truck”, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is showing 14 exhibits From ABS to ABA 3: the historical roots of safety on board commercial vehicles Safety has always been integral to Daimler’s corporate strategy – accident-free driving its vision Developments have found their way into ...

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Scania V8 truck range | V8 engine

The all-new Scania 730 hp V8 in many ways represents the beginning of a new era, a new rule in the kingdom of high-output engines. With inexhaustible power and torque on tap, right when you need it the most, it’s bound to put you in the lead, competition behind – ...

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“Shockwave” FIRST JET RACE EVER in MI!

Flat track racing has quite the history in North America, with its roots dating back over a hundred years . It is considered the oldest, longest-running and most traditional motorcycle racing series, and is commonly referred to as “dirt track” racing. Its history is intertwined with board track racing in ...

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Mercedes- Future Truck 2025

There is a revolution taking place, but at a relaxed pace. Calmly and safely, the Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 rolls down the highway at 85 km/h. The tractor and trailer brake and accelerate with precision, riding in the middle of the right-hand lane in flowing traffic. This scene, however, is ...

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Volvo Trucks continues with original marketing, this time through reality TV with the artist Mapei. During a nine-day road-trip through Europe, she will record a new music video with director Liza Minou Morberg. To help them, they have a Volvo truck filled with props and one of the world’s best ...

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Futuristic truck

Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience Showcases Cutting Edge Innovations LOUISVILLE, Ky. March 26, – Walmart showcased its futuristic truck today at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville, Ky. The Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience is a tractor-trailer combination that features leading edge aerodynamics, an advanced turbine-powered range extending series hybrid powertrain, ...

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