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Road Train of Australia The LONGEST Existing Truck of The World

Road Train of Australia The LONGEST Existing Truck of The World Even the trucks are extreme in Australia. The longest existing truck of the world looks like a mechanic millipede cruising on the road. An Australian mining company operates this extreme truck. Valuable resources and minerals are carried by this ...

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Extreme Truck Push: Chevy Duramax Vs. Dodge Cummins

Extreme Truck Push: Chevy Duramax Vs. Dodge Cummins The video you’re going to see demonstrates one of those things that happen without any explanation, but on the other hand we can still say that it’s really fun to see. This time we offer you not an ordinary but an extraordinary ...

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What $40k worth of lights and chrome does to a JDM truck

Japan’s dekotora truck culture allows big rig drivers to express themselves by decking out their vehicles with a plethora of blinking lights and shining chrome. While we occasionally catch glimpses of this automotive lifestyle in the US, this short documentary called Dekotora, Another Roadside Attraction takes viewers inside the dekotora ...

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Custom Peterbilt Truck “COWBOY Limousine”

This custom Peterbilt limo truck, named as the “Cowboy Limousine”, is designed as a show truck… It was created a limousine out of a 2002 Peterbilt truck by Jeff Botelho and his team… The original engine was dumped and replaced with a C15 engine that was souped-up to produce a ...

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BADASS Custom 2003 Peterbilt

BADASS Custom 2003 Peterbilt That is a thing of beauty… Chris Hahn of SI Car News recently visited Denny Vickery to see his 2003 Peterbilt. Denny & his family spent two years completely customizing this vehicle.

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Truck Almost Flipped By Storm Winds!

This video, captured in storm force winds on a Colorado highway, shows a truck being blown onto its side axles and almost tipping over before smashing out of control through a roadside fence. Check out the video below and tell us what do you think of it!

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